Cost Containment

Lawrence-Segrest-GreenLeaf-Industries plastic injection molding pricesIn manufacturing, especially in plastic injection molding projects, cost-containment is very important. Without cost-containment, development and production costs can spiral out of control and quickly eat up a business’ profit margin. We recognize the need for keeping production costs under control.

When it comes to cost containment and innovation, GreenLeaf Industries is demonstrating that U.S. businesses can support American industry and still receive fair and cost effective pricing.

Lawrence Segrest and GreenLeaf Industries have proven American plastic injection molding companies can offset inexpensive offshore labor, with cost-effective manufacturing practices, technology and selective automation. Molding machinery and plastic resin are commodities whose pricing is controlled by the world market. With offshore manufacturers having similar costs for other resources, GreenLeaf Industries is able to offer pricing and overall value that is very competitive verses international markets.

Equipment Efficiency Results in Plastic Injection Molding Cost Containment

Plastic injection molding costs | GreenLeaf Industries

When we built this company, we made a cost-conscious choice to utilize the most efficient equipment and machinery available. We also carefully considered how production costs on plastic injection molding projects would not only affect our business, but also that of our customers. Our all-electric plastic injection molding machines are significantly more cost-effective to operate than hydraulic plastic injection machines. This gives us an advantage in the world market. Our lower plastic injection production costs translate to greater savings for our customers.

Successful Supplier Relationships

Not only do we value our relationship with our customers, but we also place a high value on the relationship we have with our suppliers. We see our suppliers as an integral part of our business and they in turn help us keep costs contained for our customers.

If you are looking for better cost-containment in your production budget, contact our experts today.


“We were one of the first major customers of Greenleaf Industries some 15 years ago. Greenleaf Industries assisted in the cost-saving design, development and production of mission critical plastic injection molded parts for our major auto manufacturing company and to-date has produced and shipped over 35 million of these parts. We are very pleased with their design and production capabilities, as well as the integrity of the personnel we have had the pleasure of coming in contact with at Greenleaf Industries.”
— Chet Moore, President, Network Systems Group, Inc