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Choosing GreenLeaf Industries for your Custom Plastic Parts means choosing American Quality!

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GreenLeaf Industries is doing what it takes to keep plastic injection molded design work at home in the United States. Key to our success is our ability to offer our customers superior value, cost, quality engineered products from the beginning, and reliable delivery over our global competition.

Earle Segrest GreenLeaf Industries | Plastic Injection Molded Design in Custom Plastic PartsEarle Segrest, President of GreenLeaf Industries, knows what it takes to remain competitive in a global economy. Knowing GreenLeaf Industries faces competition in plastic injection molded design from virtually ever corner of the world, we view the quality of our custom plastic parts and service as our competitive advantage. Rather than relying only on post-production inspection as our primary measure of quality control, we choose to engineer quality into our process from the start.

  • We design quality manufacturing elements into our custom plastic injection molded design products from the start
  • We use Statistical Process Control practices to ensure consistent quality performance
  • We keep production costs low by reducing waste in quality engineered products
  • We capitalize on efficiencies and work to eliminate wasted effort
  • We practice strategic inventory reduction

The GreenLeaf business management philosophy keeps product quality and manufacturing of custom plastic parts efficiency high. Our clients get superb quality engineered products at a great price.

In addition, GreenLeaf has long been an ISO certified company. While no company is compelled to adhere to ISO standards, selecting a supplier who is ISO registered ensures that your supplier is managing their business to consistent standards that drive waste and costs down and drive product and delivery quality up.

Conforming to the ISO 9001 standard has many benefits to the manufacturing industry. ISO 9001 helps inspire companies to find more effective ways to permanently resolve quality and other cost-related problems while encouraging businesses to find creative ways to exceed customer-specified requirements.

For a more detailed explanation of how certifications can impact a manufacturers ability to provide consistent quality read our article; “Why ISO and other certifications matter in manufacturing industries”.

ISO Certified

View our ISO Certificate here:    Greenleaf Industries ISO Certificate

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