Reliable Delivery

We Guarantee 100% On Time Delivery

Robert-Segrest-GreenLeaf-Industries2We understand that no matter how much quality we build into our injection molded parts and process, products must arrive as scheduled, or a chain reaction of consequences occurs in the supply chain. That’s why we put as much effort into delivering our custom injection molded product as we do in building it.

We’ve built a custom, tested and proven process to ensure 100% on-time delivery for our customers. As Robert Segrest, GreenLeaf Industries’ director of business development, tells his customers, our approach is simple:

  • Our Work Done Right, Every Time philosophy, allows us to deliver the correct quantity of product where and when it’s needed—every time.
  • We maintain Safety Stock inventory to provide expedited emergency orders when requested.
  • Our “Visual Factory” process and training, ensures that each employee is keenly aware of all production schedules and empowered to re-enforce shipping commitments.

Reducing Time to Market

The key to our Best In Class delivery process is a core tenant that includes being on time throughout every step of the process. It means delivering price quotes on time, fabricating prototypes on time, even returning phone calls or emails on time. Time to market performance impacts financials and it is our promise to help customers reduce that time and avoid costly delays.

We provide:

  • Component price quotes within 2 business days
  • Service Level Agreements for rapid prototypes are 2 business days
  • Initial part qualifications (PPAP’s) are completed within 7 business days
  • Prototype and production mold turnarounds are routinely delivered in record time


GreenLeaf can deliver anywhere, anytime!


Whether you need your plastic molded product delivered in the United States, across the world or down the street, we’ll deliver it where and when you need it. Given our low prices, higher quality, 100% on-time delivery promise and flexibility in adapting to our customers’ needs, partnering with GreenLeaf Industries makes sense! We guarantee it will make sense for you.

If you want Best In Class, Reliable Delivery Performance, please contact us.