10 Benefits of Manufacturers Using Injection Molded Parts

10 Benefits of Using Injection Molded Parts When Manufacturing | GreenLeaf Industries | Lenoir City, TN

The use of plastic injection molding or injection molded parts has emerged as one of the best methods to manufacture a wide variety of parts and products. This technology feeds plastic into heated barrels where it is mixed. The plastic is then placed in a mold cavity where it takes shape and hardens to form the final product.

Plastic injection molding is favored over other methods of plastic molding for a variety of reasons. It is straightforward, consistent and quite efficient. If you own or manage a manufacturing facility, you should not hesitate to use plastic injection molding to manufacture your parts/products. Let’s examine the many reasons why so many manufacturing facilities have embraced this method.

Injection Molded Parts is as Efficient as it Gets

The molding process occurs quite quickly, especially when compared to the speed of other molding methods. The process begins with the designing of the injection molds to the client’s idiosyncratic desires. The presses are then pre-programmed and the molding takes place. This heightened efficiency allows for plenty of parts to be created from a single mold. The end result is a considerable cost savings.

A Lovely Finished Aesthetic Everyone Can Appreciate

Plastic injection molding rarely requires the end finishing of produced parts. The vast majority of the parts that emerge from the mold have a smooth and finished aesthetic. Take a look at the parts from the mold and give them a touch. You will find that they look and feel nearly flawless.

Improved Strength

Fillers can be used in injection molds to minimize the liquid plastic’s density during the molding process. These fillers also improve the part’s formidability once the molding procedure is complete. Such added strength is especially important for injection molded parts that must be uber-durable to withstand considerable pressure and stress. The same level of enhanced strength cannot be produced by most other molding processes.

Reduced Labor Costs

Part of the beauty of plastic injection molding is that the equipment functions with an automatic, self-gating tool that ramps up the efficiency. Less labor is required as little supervision is necessary to monitor the work of such automated equipment that rarely malfunctions.

Sweat the Small Stuff | Injection Molded Parts | GreenLeaf Industries | Lenoir City, TNYou Can Sweat the Small Stuff with Injection Molded Parts

High levels of pressure are used to create injection molds. This forceful pressure presses the plastic quite tightly against the mold, allowing for even the most subtle details to be implemented during the design process. Such high pressure allows for highly nuanced and complex shapes to form that can’t be achieved with other molding processes. In fact, plastic injection molding accuracy is often as close as 0.005 inches.

Several Types of Plastic Can Be Used at the Same Time

Plastic injection molding permits the use of several different styles of plastic in a simultaneous manner. The use of numerous plastics can occur with the assistance of co-injection molding to eliminate any fear you might have about using a certain type of plastic. Furthermore, the type of material being generated can be altered with ease. Even the part or product’s color can be changed without a significant delay.

Low-Cost End Products

Injected molded parts are created with an automated process. Injection molding occurs with robotics and machines controlled and managed by one individual. This high level of automation decreases the costs of manufacturing by minimizing overhead expenses. The savings are then passed on to the clients.

Add in the fact that such automation permits for the creation of exact injection molds through computer aided design/manufacturing and it is easy to see why so many are opting for injected molded parts. In the long run, plastic injection molding is considerably cheaper than plastic machining even though the first creation of a mold is sometimes expensive. This initial cost might be a couple thousand dollars yet once the mold is built, a considerable amount of plastic products can be generated in an economically efficient manner. Plastic injection molding often ultimately proves to be a fraction of the cost of plastic machining.

Minimal Waste Using Injection Molded Parts

If you are on the prowl for a sustainable means of product or part production, look no further than plastic injection molding. Modern day plastic injection molding is as environmentally friendly as it gets. This process uses only as much plastic as needed to generate the product/part. Though the production process results in some scrap plastic, this material is ground up and subsequently re-used. In the end, injection molded parts are created with little waste, making it quite the “green” product/parts production technique.

High Speed Production

Plastic injection molding is ideal for long manufacturing runs as it is incredibly fast. The exact speed hinges on the nuances of the mold in question. However, a mere 15 to 30 seconds go by between each cycle time. This rate of production is much faster than most other available production methods.


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