10 Obscure Injection Molding Terms You Should Know

Injection Molding Terms GreenLeaf Industries

Learn the Plastic Injection Molding “lingo” to better communicate with engineers, project managers and mold technicians. It is our pleasure to produce the annual guide to over 200 injection molding industry terms. Download the entire ebook here.

To be fair, that’s a lot of words to learn, so we asked our mold techs to select 10 of the most common and 10 of the least common terms they think you should know.

Combine these slightly more obscure terms to the list of common ones, and you are ready for a full factory tour and maybe even a project design discussion!

AGING – Refers to the change of a material with time under defined environmental conditions, leading to either improvement, or the deterioration of certain properties.

CAST – To form a “plastic” object by pouring a fluid monomer-polymer solution into an open mold where it finishes polymerizing.

CONDUCTIVE PLASTICS – Materials that allow a current or charge to travel through it. Conductive plastics are hybrid polymers that are electrically conductive or static dissipative. These plastics are engineered, using additives such as copper, silver, aluminum, carbon black and carbon fibers, to have conductivity characteristics.

CURE – To change the physical properties of a material by chemical reaction to make it more stable & functional. The process may include condensation, polymerization, or vulcanization.

ELASTICITY – The property of a material by virtue of which it tends to “recover” to its original size and shape… after deformation.

FLAME RATING – An internationally accepted plastics “flammability” testing standard created by Underwriters Laboratories.

INSERT – An integral part of a plastic molding consisting of metal, or other material, which may be molded into position or may be pressed into the molding after the molding is completed.

LIM (LIQUID INJECTION MOLDING) – A process used to produce silicone parts using an injection molding machine. The silicone is a thermoset resin, and is injected as a two-part liquid into a heated mold where the silicone rubber is solidified (vulcanized).

NOTCH SENSITIVITY – The extent to which the sensitivity of a material to fracture is increased by the presence of a surface in homogeneity such as a notch, a sudden change in section, a crack, or a scratch. Low notch sensitivity is usually associated with ductile materials, and high notch sensitivity with brittle materials.

PERMANENT SET – The increase in length, expressed in a % of the original length, by which an elastic material fails to return to original length… after being stressed for a standard period of time.

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