A Wrap-Up of the Mid-South Design-2-Part Trade Show

Design 2 Part Greenleaf Industries


The GreenLeaf Industries leadership team has been participating in some pretty awesome conferences  recently. From speaking at a MAPP presentation to attending the Design-2-Part trade show, it is becoming increasingly clear that Greenleaf is an innovative force in the industry.

The Mid-South Design Trade Show was in the hustle and bustle of Nashville’s Music City Center on November 9th and 10th.  Members of GreenLeaf Industries management were in attendance and in the middle of the action!

Here are some of the ways that GreenLeaf participated:

  • Finding quality suppliers to evaluate
  • Learning about new technologies
  • Taking opportunities to solve manufacturing problems with other professionals
  • Networking with the best and brightest professionals in the industry
  • Comparing and contrasting custom plastic and stock parts

Not only did we take the opportunity to grow, learn and engage, we also set up a booth so that other people in the industry could do the same with us.

Lawrence Segrest GreenLeaf Industries

At the GreenLeaf Industries booth we offered the opportunity to:

  • Interact with some of the custom and stock parts made by GreenLeaf
  • View components and services from over 300 manufacturing categories
  • Get involved in a conversation about our case studies
  • Allow participants to view our published articles
  • Get insider information about new tools for engineers and procurement professionals
  • Receive feedback on any industry related questions

Greenleaf Industries Design2part booth

As always, we are continuously looking for ways to get involved in our industry and community. If you would like to hear specifics about the conversations we had with others at the trade show, please contact Robert Segrest for more info!

About GreenLeaf Industries:

Green Leaf Industries is an American plastic injection molding company located in Lenoir City, Tennessee. The company provides design and production services for plastic injection and is one of the only plastic injection molding companies exclusively using all-electric injection molding machines. Established in 1999, they take pride in high-quality craftsmanship and superior customer service. An ISO Certified company, GreenLeaf Industries is extremely process-oriented with a relentless pursuit of manufacturing excellence and continuous improvement. They are family-owned and operated by two generations of hard-working, hands-on, professional engineers. The entire staff at GreenLeaf Industries is obsessive about engineering quality, on-time delivery, and cost containment for every single one of their designs and projects.