Plastic Molded Products & Service Examples

Unmatched Quality & Overall Value in Custom Plastic Parts Service

Efficient All Electric Plastic Injection Molding Machine | Plastic Injection Molding Services | GreenLeaf IndustriesAs one of the few custom injection molders in the world using only all-electric machines, GreenLeaf Industries sets a new standard of excellence in custom plastic products and molding services. We are committed to becoming the #1 supplier of custom plastic injection moldied parts and service for all our customers by providing unmatched overall value. Our standard for service excellence is a combination of the “Golden Rule” and the desire to be a valued partner to our clients.

The GreenLeaf Industries team of custom plastic parts molders is passionate about Engineering Quality, Reliable Delivery and Cost Containment into every design and project. Our passion and expertise is evident in every one of our customers' custom parts and projects.

If you would like to discuss your custom parts project with one of our injection molded parts experts, contact us today.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Samples

Click on any of the images below to view larger images of these sample custom plastic parts and molding projects.