GreenLeaf Industries Blog Earns Hermes 2017 Gold Winner Award

2017 Hermes Award - GreenLeaf Industries

GreenLeaf Industries, a Tennessee based plastic injection molding company, was recently recognized by the Hermes Creative Awards as having a Gold Award winning blog in the Blog (Overall) category.

The blog, created in partnership with MarketCrest LLC, a Texas based Marketing and Consulting firm, has focused largely on the topic of re-shoring manufacturing jobs to the United States.

Re-shoring is a relatively new term used to describe the relocation of manufacturing jobs back to America that had previously been moved from the United States to another country.

GreenLeaf Industries, a company passionate about their local and national economy and workforce, decided last year to focus on not only bringing plastic injection molding jobs back to America but also working with manufacturers who make the decision to re-shore.

Recent articles GreenLeaf has released about re-shoring include:

10 Reasons Why American Manufacturing Companies Should Re-shore

What Does A Trump Presidency Mean for U.S. Manufacturing and American Jobs?

Why Re-shore Injection Molding And Other Manufacturing?

The blog not only won awards, but also landed GreenLeaf industries on two appearances with the FOX network: FOX & Friends and FOX Business.

Recently, to further support the re-shoring campaign, GreenLeaf Industries created a re-shoring total cost of ownership calculator on their website for manufacturers to estimate the cost of re-shoring their plastic injection molded part jobs.

The entire re-shoring campaign (the blog, combined with the media attention and total cost re-shoring calculator) was also recognized by Hermes with Honorable Mention in the Digital Marketing Campaign category.


About GreenLeaf:

GreenLeaf Industries is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer that consistently adheres to all its standards to provide our clients with consistent, reliable, quality automotive and industrial plastic parts.  We are an American injection molding company, unafraid to compete in the world market and determined to succeed. Established in 1999, we take pride in our high-quality craftsmanship and superior customer service. Contact us to discuss whether your injection molding project may be a candidate for re-shoring.

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