GreenLeaf Industries Experiences Record Quarterly Sales

GreenLeaf Industries Custom Molder

NEWS: GreenLeaf Industries, a plastic injection molding business in Lenoir City, TN, is proud to announce that they continue to experience top line sales growth as the auto industry builds on the strong performance of 2015.

Over 50% of the company’s total sales come from auto-related sales, as can be seen on their website, so a healthy auto industry greatly benefits GreenLeaf Industries. The company’s focus is particularly on Honda and Toyota.

Lawrence Segrest from GreenLeaf Industries says: “Our Honda sales are primarily for the 6-cylinder vehicles, which are also benefiting from lower gas prices. With Toyota, we are participating in the light-weighting trend – replacing metal with engineered plastics to meet federal fuel economy standards (CAFE standards). Light-weighting is a trend with long-term staying power due to federal regulations.”

The first quarter of 2016 saw the company’s strongest quarterly sales in their history. GreenLeaf Products and Services’ quarter was capped off with record monthly sales in March 2016. Quarter 1 of 2016 was at 119 % of Quarter 1 2015 sales. Record-setting sales from March blew away their previous monthly sales record of October 2015. March 2016 was 112% of their previous record month of October 2015.

On April 13th, GreenLeaf employees celebrated these sales milestones with an ice cream party. An ice cream truck from Tic-Toc Ice Cream came during the day for first shift employees, and came again at night to allow the second and third shift to celebrate as well. “We have an outstanding group of employees, supervisors, and team leaders that made this possible,” adds Lawrence Segrest.

“Our three biggest customers, who already had very strong orders, all piled on with unexpected orders. While there was some nervousness in accepting all of these orders (we commit to 100% on time delivery once we accept an order), our confidence in the GreenLeaf team allowed us to say “yes” to every order request. Our employees definitely came through and made this record setting month possible. They should feel great about what we’ve accomplished as a team!”GreenLeaf Industries

Tic-Toc’s delicious ice cream is hand churned. Having been featured in Southern Living magazine, Tic-Toc is both a local favorite, and a stopping-off point for tourists and travelers to the nearby Smoky Mountains.

About GreenLeaf: GreenLeaf Industries is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer that consistently adheres to all its standards to provide our clients with consistent, reliable, quality automotive and industrial plastic parts. We are an American plastic injection molding company, unafraid to compete in the world market and determined to succeed. Established in 1999, we take pride in our high-quality craftsmanship and superior customer service. Visit us:

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