GreenLeaf Industries Celebrates Plastics Technology Feature

GreenLeaf Industries custom molderThe plastic injection molding company was recently featured in Plastics Technology for their success with reshoring custom molded parts.


(Lenoir City, TN)—GreenLeaf Industries, a plastic injection molding company in Tennessee, has recently celebrated a feature in online magazine Plastics Technology. In the featured article, the team at Greenleaf Industries was recognized for their success with reshoring custom plastic injection molded parts, specifically for Dometic Mobile Products.

The article explains how GreenLeaf’s commitment to excellence and innovation made it possible for Dometic to contribute to the recovery of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina while bringing production back to the U.S.

Lawrence Segrest, CEO of GreenLeaf Industries commented “In the past, there has been a trend in our industry to outsource plastic injection molding to offshore manufacturers because companies believed it was the key to reducing injection molding costs. However, many companies are starting to realize that doing so can actually have the opposite effect.

As we saw in the case of Dometic, trying to quickly get special knobs for mobile home ovens after Hurricane Katrina, it can also cause significant time delays. The silver lining was our team received a chance to show how reshoring can boost profits, streamline operations, and contribute to the growth of the local economy.”

In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina devastated the New Orleans area, the Federal Emergency Management Agency temporarily housed storm survivors in mobile homes with gas stoves and ranges made by Dometic Mobile Products. In order to help residents safely ignite the gas stoves (so they could cook and provide meals for their families), Dometic needed thousands of red “spark” knobs”.

Dometic mobile red spark knob Plastics Technology | GreenLeaf Industries | Lenoir City, TN

Their usual process of importing knobs from China presented what seemed like an insurmountable time and expense challenge, but fortunately U.S.-based GreenLeaf Industries proved themselves to be one of the country’s most reliable plastic injection molding companies as they won the bid for the job and rose to the challenge of providing 50,000 red knobs each week.

As Segrest goes on to say, “Although the job was tough at the outset, we can say with confidence that we are proud to have contributed to such an important issue. It is our hope that this situation will help the manufacturing industry understand the importance of reshoring and the positive effects that it can have on business and the economy as a whole.”

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About GreenLeaf Industries:

Green Leaf Industries is an American plastic injection molding company located in Lenoir City, Tennessee. The company provides design and production services for plastic injection and is one of the only plastic injection molding companies exclusively using all-electric injection molding machines. Established in 1999, they take pride in high-quality craftsmanship and superior customer service. An ISO Certified company, GreenLeaf Industries is extremely process-oriented with a relentless pursuit of manufacturing excellence and continuous improvement. They are family-owned and operated by two generations of hard-working, hands-on, professional engineers. The entire staff at GreenLeaf Industries is obsessive about engineering quality, on-time delivery, and cost containment for every single one of their designs and projects.

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