GreenLeaf Industries Publishes Reshoring Infographic to Support Cost Calculator

GreenLeaf Industries Publishes Infographic to Support Reshoring Cost Calculator | Lenoir City, TN

Last month, GreenLeaf Industries published a reshoring infographic on their website titled “Easily Reshore Injection Molding Services with Our Helpful Infographic” to support their 2017 plastic injection molding reshoring campaign.

The reshoring infographic is GreenLeaf Industries’ latest effort to get manufacturers to consider moving previously off-shored business back to American soil, benefiting the American economy and workforce.

Outlining the benefits of reshoring, the new infographic takes its readers on a journey to understand where manufacturing costs are going, and where money can be saved once projects are reshored.

Some of the benefits include: more reliable and better-quality product, more control, consistent shipping and handling costs (internationally these costs are rising), a local economy boost, better communication, and less transportation (meaning less damage, transpiration fees, time spent crossing the ocean, etc.).

GreenLeaf Industries’ most popular reshoring resource, a Plastic Injection Molding Reshoring Cost Calculator, can be found on their website and helps manufactures understand the costs associated with their current off-shored jobs and the total cost of ownership if those jobs are reshored.

“Things have changed in the injection molding industry. It is now cheaper to make injection molded parts in the United States,” the GreenLeaf Industries website explains to readers.

“Labor rates in Asia and Mexico are climbing dramatically, wiping out off-shoring’s only advantage!”

The cost calculator takes in to account: quantity in units per year, unit price, expected years of production, anticipated scrap rate, up front supplier visits, annual supplier visits, tariffs, true unit cost and premium/quoted price.

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