How to Easily Transfer Molds to A New Plastic Injection Molding Company

How to Easily Transfer Molds to A New Plastic Injection Molding Company | GreenLeaf Industries

If you are thinking about shifting your business to a new injection mold supplier, tread carefully. Transferring molds to new plastic injection molding companies should only be done after careful consideration and extensive deliberation. If the program is of considerable size, it might mean a shifting of millions of parts. It is certainly a challenging

What to Consider When Designing a Custom Injection Molded Part

What to Consider When Designing a Custom Injection Molded Part | Injection Mold Design | GreenLeaf Industries

Designing and producing custom injected molded parts is a fairly complicated process. Though there are some fairly obvious components to this endeavor, there are also some less obvious aspects that must be considered and perfected. Let’s take a look at the most important items to consider before diving into the injection mold design process. Define the Physical

GreenLeaf Industries Publishes Reshoring Infographic to Support Cost Calculator

GreenLeaf Industries Publishes Infographic to Support Reshoring Cost Calculator | Lenoir City, TN

Last month, GreenLeaf Industries published a reshoring infographic on their website titled “Easily Reshore Injection Molding Services with Our Helpful Infographic” to support their 2017 plastic injection molding reshoring campaign. The reshoring infographic is GreenLeaf Industries’ latest effort to get manufacturers to consider moving previously off-shored business back to American soil, benefiting the American economy

Easily Reshore Injection Molding Services with Our Helpful Infographic

Reshoring Infographic | GreenLeaf Industries | Lenoir City TN

Since the election in 2016 immense pressure has come from the Executive Branch to manufacture, buy and sell American-made products, creating a shift in the plans and operations of many companies. Some well-known, brand-name companies have already committed to reshoring (bringing once offshored business back to America) and others are now following suit. With large

GreenLeaf Industries Wins Gold dotCOMM Award for Manufacturing Website

GL Gold Award | GreenLeaf Insustries | Lenoir City, TN

Recently, GreenLeaf Industries was awarded with a Gold dotCOMM Award in the category of Website, and subcategory of Manufacturing. GreenLeaf Industries is a custom plastic injection molding company located in Lenoir City, TN, who partners with MarketCrest, LLC to manage their website, marketing, and SEO. In the last year, through rebranding, website development, and content

Custom Plastic Molding Pros and Cons

Custom Plastic Molding | GreenLeaf Industries | Lenior City, TN

Custom plastic injection molding is favored by plastic parts manufacturers across the globe for good reason. There are all sorts of advantages to this molding method. It involves sending plastic materials into heated barrels where they are mixed and transferred to a mold cavity. This is where the final product forms its shape and hardens. This