Plastic Injection Molding Re-Shoring Calculator

How much could your company save

by re-shoring your injection molded parts from China or Mexico?

How much is off-shoring injection molding costing your company? Use the Re-Shoring Calculator to find your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)!

Interested in more details? Complete the full-blown “Total Cost of Ownership Calculator” endorsed by the U.S. Commerce Department.

Did you know?

  • Labor rates in Asia and Mexico are climbing dramatically, wiping out off-shoring’s only advantage!
  • Automation costs continue to drop dramatically, giving American molders the upper hand!
  • President Trump has proposed tariffs of 25-35% for imports from both China and Mexico!
  • America has become the lowest cost producer of plastic resin in the world!

Things have changed in the injection molding industry. It is now cheaper to make injection molded parts in the United States!

Re-Shoring Plastic Injection Molding Parts from China and Mexico | GreenLeaf Industries | Lenior City, TN