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Plastic Injection Molding Industry Event | GreenLeaf Industries | Lenior City, TN

January 9-10, 2017
Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center
Detroit, Mich.

The Plastics in Automotive conference, one of the largest events for automotive molders and suppliers in North America, will return for a third year in January 2017. Organized by Plastics News, this seminal industry event kicks off the year by exploring many of the innovations, ideas and issues surrounding the automotive plastics industry. With sessions featuring top automakers, Tier 1 suppliers, industry experts, automotive custom molders and many more.

In 2017, Plastics News will select its first Automotive Newsmaker of the Year award. This award combines insights from the editorial staff and industry suggestions, this special individual will be chosen based on the significant role played in the development of plastics in automotive applications. Participants at the conference will be exposed to a wide variety of in-depth discussions on the major trends and topics facing automotive custom molders and those in the Plastics industry that serve the Automotive sector.

  • Keynote Address: 3D Printing: Transforming Automotive Product Development and Manufacturing
  • Trends in Automotive Development and the Role of Plastics – Learn how the automotive industry is reacting to new consumer and automaker demands for electronic connectivity, improved aesthetics and more functional parts that could drive plastics processors going forward.
  • Emerging Automotive Trends and the Impact on the Interior – Interiors Yanfeng’s global research director will share insights into trends driving the automotive industry, including autonomous and electronic vehicles, ride sharing and enhanced connectivity, and the paradigm shift that is taking place for manufacturers of plastics-based interior parts.
  • Lobbying for Change: How Washington is Responding to the Need for Composites Funding – Hear a behind-the-scenes report on how efforts to get funding for new composites research are proceeding and what challenges and opportunities are under way that will affect future development. Suzanne Cole is a leading lobbyist for the plastics industry and will share her insights into this key industry issuesLightweighting and Fuel Efficiency: An Assessment from the U.S. EPA
  • Lightweighting and Fuel Efficiency: An Assessment from the U.S. EPA – The U.S. EPA has recently completed a technical assessment on fuel efficiency and lightweight vehicles and how automotive plastics will need to play a role in further work in this area. The results of this important study will be unveiled at the conference.
  • Innovation, Research and the Cornerstones of Successful Advancement in Automotive Plastics – Innovation is a term frequently used but sometimes difficult to implement. Ian Simmons, a top executive for R&D at Magna, will discuss how to drive product development and the tools used to introduce and implement new automotive applications in plastics.
  • Enabling Affordable Lightweighting with Engineering Thermoplastic Composites – As automakers push for lighter-weight components, powertrain applications alone are not enough to meet vehicle mass reduction targets. This presentation will evaluate new applications for plastics in such areas as new exterior and interior applications and even in automotive lighting.
  • Plastics News’ Automotive Newsmaker of the Year – The winner of Plastics News’ inaugural Automotive Newsmaker of the Year Award will share insights into the role that automotive plastics has played and what will drive future work.
  • The Changing World of Carbon Fiber and the Opportunities Ahead – There has been much discussion of how carbon fiber is having an increasing impact on vehicle development and how they the material is being incorporated into more applications. James Staargaard, president of Plasan Carbon Composites, will present many of the developments in this area and how they will impact future vehicles.
  • The Plastic Truck Bed and New Solutions in Exteriors – Developments in the use of plastics composites for pickup truck boxes are helping to advance lightweighting and offer other benefits. This session will discuss how composites have evolved for these applications and what is ahead for the industry.Composites Panel Discussion
  • Mexico and the Automotive Industry – Mexico is entering another boom period for automotive suppliers. Hear a top provider of manufacturing services to Mexico provide insight into growth opportunities and supplier development in the region.
  • Bridging the Gap: the Powerful Alliance of Design and Engineering – Too often, the automotive design and engineering communities operate in different silos, with little communication and a disconnect between ideas and execution. A lead engineer at a foremost design firm (with an extensive OEM background) will discuss how new product development can offer greater impact by leveraging a design and engineering partnership, with specific case studies of successful projects and the use of new tools that can help bridge the disciplines.
  • Challenges in Interior Automotive Manufacturing – What are the key manufacturing challenges facing suppliers of interior components and systems? In this talk, Rose Ryntz of IAC Group will discuss such areas as tooling, low-cost suppliers, lightweighting and advances and issues with environmentally friendly materials. Our very own GreenLeaf Industries specializes in plastic part manufacturing and assembly of items that are headed for the cabin. Many of those custom plastic parts are positioned at the driver’s eye level and require the utmost in quality engineering. This could be a great talk.
  • Smart Surface Trends in Interiors – With automotive interiors quickly evolving to touch displays, gesture controls and the use of curved and 3D surfaces, automotive plastic components must quickly change to keep pace with these developments. This session will explore the fusion of these Smart Surfaces with plastic knobs and controls, the shift from glass to plastic and production challenges in this area.
  • Multi-Material Joints for Automotive Applications: Reversible Adhesives with Ferromagnetic Nanopart – During ACC’s 2013 Roadmap Workshop, industry stakeholders identified the need for advanced technologies to join plastics and polymer composites to other materials. New findings from the MSU/CVRC research exploring reversible bonding technology using ferromagnetic nanoparticle reinforced thermoplastic adhesives will be presented along with an update on CAR’s business case study.
  • Trends in Resin Distribution and Material Supply – Resin distribution in the automotive industry offers more than in other end markets, due to the need for just-in-time delivery and the effect that supply shortages can have on the entire production process. This session, from the former president of specialty resin distributor Polymer Z that was purchased by M. Holland, will explore these issues in the context of supply chain development for the plastics industry.
  • Closing Panel: Industry 4.0 and Automotive Plastics – The Internet of Things, connectivity, automation and cutting-edge digital trends are driving the automotive industry to change. Hear special presentations and a Q&A discussion on this subject.

Get ready to attend the premier conference exploring the role plastics plays in driving change for vehicle development. Don’t forget to check out the Plastics in Automotive conference exhibits to see firsthand new products and solutions that might drive your business forward.

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