GreenLeaf Industries Gets A Visit From Sr. Writer Bill Bregar from Plastics News

Plastics News Sr. Writer Bill Bregar was our host for a tour of the GreenLeaf facility to meet the team, see our processes; watch the new Sumitomo run and get introduced to some of our best work.

To take a factory tour, similar to the one enjoyed by Bill Bregar, and to meet the GreenLeaf team, contact our sales leader, Robert Segrest at Follow Bill on Twitter by clicking here.

If you are more the virtual type and find it hard to get out of the office, we have a short video introduction to both our factory employees and production floor!

The visit resulted in GreenLeaf being featured in a future Plastic News for our innovation, commitment to quality and work in the automotive industry. Read Bill’s full article on the Plastics News website RIGHT HERE!

In his article, our creative work with Dixie Stampede was featured as well as images from our product gallery! Also as a result of Bill’s article, Jeremy Carroll (@jeremyscarroll) mentioned our custom molding for Dixie Stampede in his blog.

And if we weren’t already blessed enough, Bill’s digital article made the COVER of the printed magazine (see below). We almost fell out of our chairs when our copy showed up! Request a printed copy of the magazine article from Robert Segrest at He has a big stack of them!

Greenleaf Industries Plastics News Cover

About GreenLeaf: GreenLeaf Industries is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer that consistently adheres to all its standards to provide our clients with consistent, reliable, quality automotive and industrial plastic parts. We are an American injection molding company, unafraid to compete in the world market and determined to succeed. Established in 1999, we take pride in our high-quality craftsmanship and superior customer service. Visit us:

GreenLeaf Industries
310 Bussell Ferry Road
Lenoir City, TN 37771
(865) 988-5661