Why GreenLeaf Industries

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Lawrence Segrest, CEO
GreenLeaf Industries

At GreenLeaf Industries we are absolutely committed to making our customers successful. It is this genuine, heartfelt attitude that helps us attract and retain great customers. We carry out this attitude day by day in everything we do. It is evident in the quality of our product, our reliable delivery, cost containment, and especially in the level of uncompromising service we provide—it is what allows us to retain our customers year after year.

We know that our success as a plastic injection molding company flows directly from our customers’ success. This attitude has been codified in our corporate motto.

Our Motto: “We make our customers successful.”

How do we make our customers successful? The formula is simple to understand, but difficult to copy because it starts with the heart—an attitude of service. “Service” can take many different forms, but at GreenLeaf, service looks like this:

“We treat your company like it’s our company.”

GreenLeaf has a straightforward formula for success. We see our customers as long-term partners, while recognizing that our customers’ non-negotiable requirements center around quality, delivery, cost, and service. Our internal systems are so strong, and our employees are so service-driven that we have the confidence to make concrete promises to our customers.

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Promises We Make Our Customers:

  • Quality – we meet all requirements 100% of the time.
  • Delivery – we always get it there on time.
  • Cost – we minimize up front and ongoing costs.
  • Service – we treat your company like it’s our company.

We don’t make these promises lightly—we stand behind our promises, 100%. I invite you to read more about each of these customer promises and the GreenLeaf executives who stand behind them.

If you would like to learn more about GreenLeaf Industries, please contact us.