Engineered Quality & Cost Containment in Plastic Injection Molding Design

Beth Johnson | GreenLeaf Industries | Cost Containment & Engineered Quality
Beth Johnson
Vice President of Operations
GreenLeaf Industries

GreenLeaf Industries knows that excellent quality and minimized costs are non-negotiable expectations of our customers. GreenLeaf promises both engineered quality and cost containment, giving our customers confidence and peace of mind. To maximize quality while minimizing costs, GreenLeaf works with the customer to optimize part and mold designs. Together we strip out unnecessary cycle time and labor, minimize mold complexity (cost/reliability), and ensure quality requirements are met in a cost-effective manner. We are so confident in our people and systems that GreenLeaf makes four Promises to Our Customers, and we stand behind those promises 100%.

GreenLeaf feels so strongly about our Customer Promises that the CEO has designated members of the executive team to serve as guardians of these promises. Beth Johnson, our Vice President of Operations, has executive authority to ensure that GreenLeaf Industries never breaks our Quality Promise or Cost Promise to any customer.

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Promise: Guaranteed Product Quality

GreenLeaf Industries designs quality into our processes and our customers’ products. Engineered quality is achieved by:

  • a mind for innovation and a heart for our customer’s success
  • a thorough, up-front risk analysis (PFMEA)
  • the smart application of risk elimination/reduction methods(poke yoke, control plan)
  • the elimination of non-value-added final inspection activities (lean)

In other words, we apply engineering know how to create systems that produce perfect parts. We are so sure that you will be pleased with our quality that we back it up with a guarantee. “If we ever fail to meet your quality requirements, you get 10% off the next shipment of that defective product.”

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Injection Molding Companies | GreenLeaf Industries Lenoir City, TN

Promise: Innovative Cost Containment

GreenLeaf Industries meets with each customer to collaborate on how to reduce upfront and ongoing costs. As with everything we do, our genuine concern for our customers’ success is evident throughout this process. For each project, we focus on:

  • Determining the costs that are most important – either upfront assets or ongoing part price.
  • Minimizing mold complexity to reduce upfront costs and ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Analyzing small design tweaks that eliminate labor, quality concerns, and tooling costs.

These are the areas where GreenLeaf brings its ingenuity and creativity to bear for our customers’ financial benefit. We promise our customers the following: “Our ingenuity is part of the overall GreenLeaf package. We will work with you to reduce your upfront and ongoing manufacturing costs.”

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If you want Engineered Quality and Cost Containment for your product, please contact us.