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Reliable Delivery & Unmatched Service | Plastic Injection Molding Company | Robert-Segrest GreenLeaf Industries
Robert Segrest Director, Business Development GreenLeaf Industries

GreenLeaf Industries knows that delivery and service are non-negotiable expectations of our customers. GreenLeaf promises reliable delivery and unmatched service. By “Reliable Delivery,” GreenLeaf means that your product will not only ship on time, but the shipment will have the right quantity of the right parts in the right packaging with the right label and the right label information. By “Unmatched Service,” we mean that we treat the customer’s business like it is our business. We are so confident in our people and systems that GreenLeaf makes four Promises to Our Customers, and we stand behind those promises 100%.

GreenLeaf feels so strongly about our Customer Promises that the CEO has designated members of the executive team to serve as guardians of these promises. Robert Segrest, our Director of Business Development, has executive authority to ensure that GreenLeaf Industries never breaks our Delivery Promise or Service Promise to any customer.

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Promise: We Guarantee 100% On Time Delivery

GreenLeaf has proven, reliable systems that ensure our customers receive their product on time and as they expect it. Some key components of this system include:

  • Safeguarding adequate free capacity to handle emergency orders and sustained spikes in production
  • Maintaining adequate safety stocks of raw materials and finished goods
  • Operating as a “visual factory” so that employees of all levels are keenly aware of performance against the production schedule
  • Incorporating detailed, customer-specific packaging requirements into our work instructions

At GreenLeaf, we put as much effort into delivering your custom injection molded products as we do in building them. We are so sure that your product will ship on time that we back it up with a Guarantee: “If your order is not ready to ship on the promised date, GreenLeaf pays for shipping.”

See Evidence of Our Guaranteed Delivery Promise

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Promise: Unmatched Customer Service

GreenLeaf delivers unmatched customer service. Initially, most customers are drawn to our outstanding combination of cost, quality, and delivery. But it is our “heart” – our genuine concern for every customer’s success – that closes the deal. Our Customer Service Promise is closely tied to one of our core values: “Service… especially when it hurts.” Living out this core value day by day, year after year is what turns a GreenLeaf customer into a “customer for life” What we promise our customers is simply this:

“We treat your company like it’s our company.”

See an Example of Our Unmatched Customer Service Promise

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