Why ISO Certifications Matter In Manufacturing Industries

ISO Certification


Why ISO & Other Certifications Matter In Manufacturing Industries

When manufacturing any type of product, overall quality and customer satisfaction are extremely important. This is especially critical for complex products like vehicles. Quality assurance can be further complicated when components and assemblies for the end product are manufactured at different plants around the world. This practice is common for molded plastic parts that make up the vehicle’s interior such as air-conditioning vents and cell phone trays.

Because these items are highly visible and used daily by the customer, robust designs and proper fabrication are absolutely essential. ISO and other standards challenge manufacturers to continually measure, evaluate, and improve systems that ensure overall product quality and reliability. As a result, manufacturers are challenged to verify that all products fit together properly and function flawlessly each and every time.

iso logoWhat is ISO?

ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization, is a non-governmental body consisting of over 160 countries. They are responsible for developing standards for various industries which promote quality, safety, and efficiency.

While no company is compelled to adhere to ISO standards, selecting a supplier who is ISO registered ensures that your supplier is managing their business to consistent standards that drive waste and costs down and drive product and delivery quality up.

 greenleaf manufacturingBenefits of ISO 9001 in Manufacturing

Conforming to the ISO 9001 standard has many benefits to the manufacturing industry. ISO 9001 helps inspire companies to find more effective ways to permanently resolve quality and other cost-related problems while encouraging businesses to find creative ways to exceed customer-specified requirements. This standard helps businesses identify, document, and improve systems that address both written and “implied” customer requirements such as:

  • Safety standards
  • Environmentally-friendly manufacturing
  • Expected production efficiencies
  • Dimensional and functional specifications

ISO is an international body and as a result, it’s standards help ensure that products manufactured in different companies and/or countries manage their businesses in a way that promotes collaboration. This improves both national and international trade, while reducing costs to all parties.

Since ISO standards mandate continuous improvement, ISO 9001 registered businesses tend to reduce overall errors which, in turn… eliminates waste. Companies that embrace ISO standards as part of their culture generally enjoy higher customer satisfaction, fewer errors, reduced costs, and a competitive edge.

ISO and the Consumer

While ISO 9001 certification is an important consideration when choosing a supplier, the end-consumer ultimately enjoys the benefits! Automotive assemblies such as air-conditioning vents are at eye level and are functioned often by the customer.

In addition, components such as cup holders and cell phone trays are seen and touched by the customer multiple times every day. Consumers expect and deserve these products to be perfectly molded with the highest quality materials. Consumers also assume these products will provide beauty and function properly for the life of the vehicle. Producing products to ISO and customer-specified standards helps ensure that the end user will remain satisfied over long periods of time.

ISO and other certifications also help keep costs down for the end-user. Manufacturing errors increase costs across the board, which ultimately gets passed on to the consumer. Low-quality products that break and need to be repaired or replaced decrease the overall value while increasing maintenance costs. When standards are met, customer satisfaction improves.

With ISO and other certifications the suppliers, the manufacturers, and the end-users can know that the resulting products are high-quality, conform to all specified standards, and present the greatest opportunity for long-term customer satisfaction.

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