Why GreenLeaf Industries

All-Electric Injection Molding Machines

All-ElectricAround the world, very few plastic injection molding companies exclusively utilize all-electric equipment. Most molding facilities continue to use conventional hydraulic equipment due to the higher initial cost of these state-of-the-art all-electric machines. In comparison, GreenLeaf Industries is one of the only all-electric plastic injection molding companies in the world!

Although electric plastic injection molding machines are initially more expensive than their hydraulic counterparts, they are more cost-effective to operate, resulting in piece prices that are lower than those made on hydraulic equipment. In addition, these machines produce a superior quality product. At GreenLeaf Industries we use our expertise in problem-solving to take what seems to be “impossible” and helps make it possible for our customers.

GreenLeaf Industries Lenoir City, TN

Quality = Value

Our customers know lower piece prices and superior quality translate into higher overall value! When you choose an injection molding supplier, select the company that is committed to manufacturing the highest quality parts at the best prices!

Uncompromising Quality & Precision


We have an uncompromising commitment to both quality and precision. That means we only purchase all-electric plastic injection molding equipment to fabricate your components. GreenLeaf Industries has excellent employees trained to work very efficiently and to be extremely quality-conscious. Due to our fully automated manufacturing stations, we have reduced non-value-added labor, scrap rates and energy costs—resulting in significant savings that are passed along to our customers. Our processes are scientifically developed. This up-front effort creates processes that are robust so that process parameters never have to be changed.

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