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Quality and Precision in Your Plastic Molded Parts

Manufacturing mission-critical parts is not for everyone, but this is where GreenLeaf separates itself from the competition. GreenLeaf Industries tackles the challenging parts other molders avoid.  Our confidence comes from a battle-hardened Quality Management System (QMS) that is second to none, and a corporate culture that anticipates rather than reacts to problems.

GreenLeaf Industries produced its first parts in September of 1999, and nine months later, our QMS was certified by third-party auditors. From day one, we’ve never faltered in our commitment to quality, as demonstrated by 20+ years of uninterrupted QMS certifications. Continuous improvement is essential, and our systems have been further refined each year as the quality expectations of our customer base continue to increase year by year.

Our view of quality extends beyond product characteristics to what we call “quality of delivery:” the correct quantity, packaged correctly, labeled correctly, palletized correctly, and shipped on time. Being a systems-driven company, we view quality not as a cost burden, but as an essential part of cost containment by eliminating the cost of poor quality.

We deliver perfect parts on time – no excuses. Experience the GreenLeaf difference.

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