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Quality Plastic Injection Molding Services from GreenLeaf

Your mission-critical parts are in good hands with GreenLeaf Industries. Our injection molding services are guaranteed to give you superior quality and reliability, ensuring your products will work years down the line.

GreenLeaf works with customers to design and engineer products, and we utilize the most efficient production processes to keep your costs as low as possible. Our engineers are adept at tackling the most difficult injection molding projects that other molders won’t touch, and our customers know they can trust GreenLeaf’s expertise when it comes to their most “persnickety” parts.

Learn the GreenLeaf Difference

  • Engineered Quality – we understand quality is non-negotiable for our customers. Greenleaf promises superior quality in all of our manufacturing services so our customers can have confidence and peace of mind. We utilize a wide range of high-quality plastic materials for our components, including acetal, polyethylene, polycarbonate, and more.
  • Guaranteed On-Time Delivery – GreenLeaf promises all our customers that their product will not only ship on time, but the shipment will have the right quantity of the right parts 100% of the time. If GreenLeaf causes a delay to our agreed upon shipping date, GreenLeaf will pay for the shipping.
  • Cost Containment – GreenLeaf is dedicated to meeting with each of our customers to collaborate on how we can help reduce upfront and ongoing costs. We have a strong focus on our customers’ success, and responsibly managing costs.

Reliable Service, Every Step of the Way

Located in Lenoir City, TN, we are proud to be an American, family-owned and operated company that manufactures quality components and delivers them on time. We strive to build strong relationships with every stakeholder – customers, vendors, and suppliers alike know that GreenLeaf is a trustworthy partner capable of taking on even the most difficult projects.

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