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About GreenLeaf

Bringing grace, honesty, and integrity into the world is what has made GreenLeaf Industries the plastic injection molder our customers trust.

Since its inception back in 1999, GreenLeaf has always upheld the core values that motivate us to create good working relationships with everyone who has a stake in our company – customers, vendors, suppliers, and employees alike. We go the extra mile to meet and exceed expectations for all our customers who need a dependable molder to take on the challenging projects other molders won’t. To this day, GreenLeaf continues to hold true to these values that make us one of the most trusted plastic injection molders.

Our company, located in Lenoir City, TN is led by a second generation of hard-working professional engineers with a passion for continuous improvement in all steps of the design, manufacturing, and assembly process of our plastic injection molded parts. We’ve assembled a team that enjoys their work and believes in our core values, proven by our excellent track record of high-quality products. We value partnerships with all our suppliers as well, since that is what makes it possible for GreenLeaf to offer quality, speed, and fair prices to all our customers.

GreenLeaf knows the strategic working relationships we form with our customers allows for their continued success, which is what’s most important.

At GreenLeaf, we believe that some customer expectations are non-negotiable, and that includes On-Time Delivery. GreenLeaf prides itself on giving all our customers a 100% OTD guarantee, meaning that if we cause a delay to our agreed upon shipping date, we will pay for shipping. We do this because we value all our customers, and we put as much effort into delivering their custom injection molded products on time as we do in building them.

While other molders avoid difficult jobs, GreenLeaf thrives on them. Many of our parts have “persnickety” requirements – like perfect finishes, leak-proof surfaces, speck-free clarity, or some other exacting demand – which are challenges we love to take on. When mission-critical parts are required, GreenLeaf Industries reliably delivers quality and precision.

If you’re looking to partner with a plastic injection molder known for quality, expertise, and integrity, reach out to GreenLeaf Industries today to learn more about our Tennessee-based injection molding company.

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