GreenLeaf Industries

Long before its conception back in 1999, the vision for GreenLeaf Industries was to create a company that leveraged the finest in electric plastic molding machines to provide clients with a blend of quality, speed and price for custom plastic injection molded parts that no manufacturer in the U.S., or abroad, could match. It is the true engineered quality, reliable delivery and cost containment we deliver on each and every one of our projects that makes GreenLeaf Industries the preferred custom plastic injection molder of our customers.

Today, we utilize proprietary processes and nine of the most impressive, all-electric plastic injection molding machines available on the market. GreenLeaf Industries competes for—and wins—core and innovative projects for custom plastic injection molded parts from market leaders and the most respected international companies in the world.

  • GreenLeaf Industries Client Dometic custom plastic parts
  • Honda GreenLeaf Industries Client Partner custom plastic injection molding
  • GreenLeaf Industries custom injection molders for Toyota
  • GreenLeaf Industries provides custom plastic part for Client Acura


Superior Service to Our Clients

At GreenLeaf Industries, we treat our customers with the utmost respect. As a family-owned and operated company, we believe that by providing a fair price to our clients it will enable them to compete and win in their own markets. Innovation is a key component to providing both the custom plastic injection molded product and service that are of superior engineered quality. We are constantly innovating, improving and offering cost-saving design and manufacturing ideas.

Strong Partnerships with Our Suppliers

Strong and valued partnerships with our suppliers make it possible to offer the quality, speed and price our clients are looking for. That means we treat our suppliers fairly. We build strategic working relationships based on concrete Service Level Agreements, the ability to make a fair profit, a mutually beneficial relationship and joint accountability for our customer’s success.

“If you have a large, potentially complex project that could affect your entire year, make sure you speak to GreenLeaf Industries asap. No one puts more design and expertise into pre-production.”
— Tracy D. Malone, Vice President Operations, Nisus Corporation