Program Management

Efficient Program Management for All Your Components

GreenLeaf Industries believes the launch of a new product should be exciting. Unfortunately, many injection molders are weak in the area of Program Management, resulting in unnecessary stress for their customers. Not so with GreenLeaf!  We pride ourselves on both completing your deliverables and meeting agreed-upon deadlines.

Being a process-driven company based in East Tennessee, it is not surprising that GreenLeaf has systematized and optimized the Program Management process. This is our secret for consistently delivering successful, stress-free product launches. By putting our Program Management process to work for your company, you’ll enjoy the product launch experience while earning hero points with your senior management team!

The manufacturing process is complex, which is why, at GreenLeaf, we have a program management system in place making sure nothing slows down or compromises the final product. Through program management, GreenLeaf promises:

  • Agreed upon requirements & program plan
  • Incorporation of pre-launch system engineering activities
  • Weekly progress check-ins
  • Promises kept, guaranteed!

A Passion for Our Customers’ Success

The strategic working relationships we form helps with our customers’ continued success, and GreenLeaf’s program management system helps build that trust as we keep your product launch running smoothly every step of the way. We thrive on the difficult jobs our competitors won’t touch – the more challenging, the better! Having an efficient program management system in place allows GreenLeaf to maintain our reputation of producing the most difficult parts with high-quality results.

Read our case study to see how GreenLeaf saved Toyota $60,000 in new mold expenses.

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