Process & Systems Engineering

Expert Engineering Services from GreenLeaf Industries

The team at GreenLeaf consistently applies our engineering expertise to create systems that produce the perfect components for our customers’ applications.

We obsess over our engineering process, which is how we ensure that everything is up to our high standard of quality. We take pride in our craftsmanship and superior customer service, and our drive for innovation allows us to find the solutions our customers are searching for.

Consistent product quality, packaging and labeling accuracy, on time delivery, and cost containment are not accidental. Rather, they are the result of applying rigorous process and systems engineering to each product we manufacture. We employ world-class engineering tools and principles in both pre-launch and mass production activities.

Here are our keys to success: 

Pre-launch Activities:

  • Product review for moldability, material selection, and drivers of tooling cost 
  • Error-proofing, including FMEA, Control Plans, Poke-Yoke concepts 
  • Lean analysis and process flow optimization 
  • Mold design reviews for product quality, minimized maintenance, and mold flow simulation 
  • Scientific process development and validation 
  • Ongoing and final reviews with the customer, culminating in a PPAP submission or the customer’s first article requirements 

Mass Production Activities:

  • Change Point Control – bullet-proofed start-up, ongoing production, shut-down, packaging, labeling, and shipping processes
  • Product verification throughout using vision system inspection, first piece, last piece, hourly inspections, and SPC 
  • Continuous improvement using the PDCA model 
  • Automation for part retrieval, part separation (for family molds), and part packaging 

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With GreenLeaf being a trusted ISO-certified American manufacturer, we develop and adhere to the highest possible standards, providing our clients with consistent, reliable, and quality plastic components. We promise that GreenLeaf can solve even the most difficult issues you’re experiencing with your plastic parts.

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