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Trusted supplier since 2002

RTI is a major Tier 1 supplier of components for world-class clients such as American Honda Motor Co. GreenLeaf through RTI provides custom plastic injection molded parts and light assembly for the Honda Pilot, Odyssey, and luxury Acura MDX.

RTI requires an injection molder that provides both “shoot & ship” parts and light assembly services. Molded products include cup holders, trays, glovebox hinges and a USB pocket with part decoration. After originally qualifying strictly for molding services, GreenLeaf added light assembly solutions for the Honda Pilot and Odyssey plus the Acura MDX. At one point, RTI planned to move MDX production to China, but GreenLeaf recommended design improvements that allowed the work to remain in the U.S. with the Lenoir City, TN GreenLeaf facility.


Trusted supplier since 2006

Dometic is a leading manufacturer of lightweight durable RV components and gas appliances.

GreenLeaf produces plastic molded knobs for Dometic appliances used in mobile homes and other recreational vehicles. The round, conical, and convex surface makes for an extremely difficult printing surface—but we do it every day. Read the success story as reported in Plastics Technology.

Dometic re-shored production of the oven handle from Asia to GreenLeaf’s injection molding facility in East Tennessee. The result: improved quality, reduced inventory, outstanding local customer service, and a lower item price and total cost of ownership. This project should be a case study in the power of U.S. vs off-shore manufacturing.


Trusted supplier since 2001

Toyota Tsusho is a valued, tier 1 supplier of Toyota Motors whose parts are integral components of the world class automotive manufacturer. Greenleaf Industries, through Network Systems Group, Inc. is Tsusho’s source for the design, production and delivery of caps used to protect transmissions during the manufacturing of Toyota automobiles.

Toyota Tsusho re-shored production from Asia to the U.S. after GreenLeaf demonstrated it could minimize mold and labor cost while improving delivery times from their East Tennessee injection molding facility. Read the success story directly from the client.


Trusted supplier since 2013

Aisin Automotive Castings Tennessee (AACT) produces high-quality molded plastic car parts for some of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, including Toyota, General Motors, Nissan, and Honda.

A specialist in die casting, Aisin Seiki needed to replace its aluminum, die cast 6-cylinder engine component with an injection molded part that was both thin and long; lighter than aluminum; both durable and heat tolerant. GreenLeaf continuously meets the complicated requirements whereby delivering the weight savings in a durable, glass filled nylon part that lasts for the life of the engine.

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