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Importance of Resin Drying - Blog

The Importance of Drying Resin Before Processing

You may not have thought about plastic pellets being wet, but some can actually draw moisture to themselves at a molecular level, and they can appear dry on the outside when loaded with moisture. Many engineering grade resins must be dried to prevent visual and mechanical quality problems.

Injection Molding Defects - Blog

Top Injection Molding Defects and How To Solve Them

Proper planning can help to ensure a successful plastic injection molded part. While many defects result from issues with the mold, operator error, and process errors, which are controlled by your injection molder, some can be prevented during the design stage.

Engineering or Commodity Grade Resin - Blog

Using The Right Thermoplastic Material For Your Project

Thermoplastics each have their own properties that may or may not be useful for your product. Working with an injection molder with vast material knowledge is critical to help you choose the correct thermoplastic resin


Can You Make a Better Firearm Through Injection Molding?

Plastic parts can be used for magazines, holsters, LED marker lights, and more; gun owners and users are reaping the benefits of engineering firearms using plastic injection molded components.


Plastic Injection Molding Reshoring: Is Now the Time?

Many companies find that the lower price for foreign-built molds and plastic products is actually costing them more, and for those who haven’t done so already, now is the time to consider reshoring.